How can we help?

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What support looks like?

Options for support within the Counselling & Mental Health Service:

If you make contact with the service our initial aim is to understand what may be impacting on your mental health or causing distress. We recognise how important it can be to give you time to talk and to really listen. We will then aim to identify how to best address the difficulties or issues that you describe. This will include utilising our own range of resources as described above, ensuring that you have access to all the support available within the university and we will offer follow-up as required. We may need to consider supporting you with access to an external service if you need longer-term help in a specialist area. We work collaboratively with the broader network of mental health services within the Greater Manchester area including those within the NHS and 3rd sector.


To have a conversation with someone about what kind of intervention may best meet your needs then we would recommend that you call our phone line which is open week days 9:30AM – 4.30PM on 0161 2752864. Please note that our Triage Support Practitioners who answer the calls will need to ask you a few questions to establish what kind of help you may need. We do understand that at times of high call volume the line may be busy and you may need to call a few times before getting through. We apologise for this but do ask you bear with us and would recommend trying a few times. We aim to book any 1-1 appointments for the next working day after you call rather than offer advance bookings. We use this telephone/next day booking system as it allows us to provide the most appropriate support for someone quickly and avoids the creation of long waiting times. There may be times when our appointment availability is limited but we will explain this to you if this is the case. We will always offer a listening ear and think through what may be helpful to you in the shorter term.

We have a diverse workforce here at the counselling and mental health service and all of our mental health practitioners and counsellors are experienced in working with diversity

Making the call

We understand that it may be hard to make an initial call to speak about your mental health or psychological distress. The staff who take the calls are trained mental health practitioners and will understand your anxieties and will support you with this process. Before making the call it can be really helpful for you to think about what you may want help with. Our range of interventions are designed to enable you learn more about your psychological and mental health and identify ways to enhance your wellbeing and cope more effectively. For this process to be as effective as possible we would advise that you play an active part in identifying what may be helpful to focus on. You may however be unsure about this and this can be explored when you call.

Call us to discuss accessing suppo

If you do not have access to a phone, are overseas or have some other difficulties with this process then please note other ways you can contact the service (see contacts below).

Call us to discuss accessing support

Our phone line is open from 9.30am - 4.30pm, Monday to Friday. If you want to reschedule, cancel or book an appointment please ring the service on 0161 275 2864.

How to find us

We are located on the fifth floor of Crawford House (Building #31 on the campus map) at the junction of Oxford Road and Booth Street East. Enter Crawford House at street level via the Central & West Entrance on Booth Street East.