How we can help

How we can help

We a large team with a varied range of backgrounds and skills who can help with your mental health:

Counsellors: Our counselling staff are trained in a range of psychotherapeutic models. Although we do not offer specific therapeutic treatments our counsellors will draw upon their training and their experience to help you make sense of your difficulties and identify some skills to enable you to cope more effectively.

Mental Health Practitioners: Our mental health practitioners are experienced in understanding and assessing mental health presentations and can offer support and advice including signposting to appropriate services.

Social Prescribers: All of our Social Prescribers have a background of working in mental health and other support services. They have a wealth of knowledge about the university community and can help you build connections which can also improve your mental health.

Triage Support Practitioners: Our Triage Support Practitioners also have varying backgrounds working in mental health and again have training in a range of counselling modalities and in other mental health strategies. Our Triage Support Practitioners often support your first point of contact with the service. They offer a kind, listening ear and will help you think about what support best meets your needs.

All staff contribute to our programme of therapeutic groups, workshops and mental health training.

We will keep abreast of developments in our specialties and receive regular training and supervision to ensure best practice. We also keep in touch and share knowledge with a range of agencies in Manchester.

We provide a safe space to talk about any personal difficulty affecting you. This may include the pressures of academic work, issues around self-identity, family problems, relationships issues and past or more recent trauma. You will be given opportunity explore and understand your experiences and think about what you would like to be different. If needed we can help you access further support from NHS or 3rd Sector mental health services. What you talk to us about is kept confidential except in circumstances where we may need to protect your safety or that of others: Confidentiality (The University of Manchester) Our 1-1 sessions typically last 45-50 minutes.