Moving On Groups (MOGs)

Moving on Groups are for students who have attended one or more of the following structured groups offered by the Counselling and Mental Health Service:

  • Improving Self-Esteem
  • Overcoming Worry
  • Improving Low Mood with CBT
  • Managing Low Mood
  • Managing Social Anxiety (Separate MOG)
  • Bereavement Group (Separate MOG)

Having attended one of the above groups, you will be familiar with key self-care principles and a range of strategies that help. MOGs provide a space where you can continue to offer each other encouragement and support to help you overcome your difficulties.

MOGs are less structured and more informal than the groups facilitated by counsellors. Specially trained student facilitators lead on a chosen topic or participants can choose to share something that is important to them. It is an opportunity both to give and receive support amongst peers with whom you share some common understanding and experience.

Note that graduates of the Social Anxiety group and Bereavement Group can go to a separate MOG dedicated to social anxiety or loss. Graduates of groups dealing with mood, self-esteem and worry all go to the same MOG.

If you are interested in training to be a MOG facilitator, please let your current facilitator know.