Understanding low self-esteem part 2: How to Improve it

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This session is a Zoom facilitated session for students. Please be aware, you must register before 12 noon on the day of the workshop, in order to ensure there is enough time for the link to be sent.

Ideally this workshop is a follow up to Understanding Low Self-Esteem part 1: how it develops. However if you are unable to attend part 1 this can act as a standalone workshop.

This CBT informed psychoeducational workshop is likely to be suitable for you if you relate to some or most of the following:

Accepting and/or liking yourself can be difficult

Some of your life experiences have made it hard for you to appreciate and value yourself

You find it difficult to treat yourself with compassion and kindness

You have a tendency to be self-critical and self-blaming

You often experience anxiety and/or low mood as result of low self-esteem

You avoid situations/activities for fear of failure

Part 2 of understanding low self-esteem is designed to provide you with some strategies for breaking out of cycles of thoughts, feelings and behaviour which reinforce low self esteem. These strategies are ones that you can incorporate into your day to day lives and which can support improved self-esteem over time.

This Zoom workshop will provide an opportunity for Q&A for those who wish to engage in the chat as directed by the facilitator. Audio and video functions will be disabled in the event of a large turnout for this workshop. If numbers are small, the use of the audio and video functions may be offered. Further Zoom etiquette will be sent with the meeting link.

This event is for students only
  • Wed 25 Oct 2023, 14:00 - 15:00

    Hosted by Counselling and Mental Health Service
    One-off workshop