Managing the Demands of Postgraduate Study and Work

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Are you finding your postgraduate studies stressful? Perhaps you are, for example, avoiding work, not contributing in seminars, or disengaging in other ways? Perhaps you feel anxious about seeking academic or personal support? Perhaps you are working too hard - but ineffectively? Are you unsure how to realistically develop as a potentially autonomous scholar? Many such difficulties are inherent to the advanced studies you have bravely taken on but sometimes we also take habits and patterns of thought and behaviour which add to these inherent demands.

Come to this informal workshop and we will reflect on this fine distinction! We will work towards developing a deeper more nuanced understanding of the particular stresses on you, during your journey towards completing your PG studies. We will also look at ways to offset the inevitable difficulties and identify ways you might be inadvertently making things more difficult for yourself. We will focus on some psychological issues specific to PG studies and examine ways of navigating them more effectively.

This event is for students only
  • Mon 6 Nov 2023, 13:00 - 14:30

    CS1 (Room 5.004), Fifth Floor, Counselling and Mental Health Service, Crawford House
    Hosted by Counselling and Mental Health Service
    One-off workshop