Challenging Unhelpful Thinking Habits

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One-off workshop

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We can all fall into unhelpful thinking habits, and when our way of life has changed so much since lockdown, unhelpful thinking habits can make things even worse.

This workshop is suitable for anybody who feels stuck or held back by their patterns of thinking. The aims and objectives are to:

Develop a basic understanding of the interplay between thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

Recognise how some patterns of thinking are unhelpful and lead to emotions and actions that are not in our best interests.

Identify what your unhelpful thinking habits are.

Consider alternative more helpful responses and how to practice these.

This event is for students only
  • Thu 3 Mar 2022, 12:00 - 13:30

    Alan Gilbert Learning Commons
    Hosted by Counselling and Mental Health Service
    One-off workshop