Why This is Important

Sexual orientation and gender are protected characteristics and everyone has the right to feel safe and feel as though they belong without fear of discrimation based on who they are. We promote visual symbols like the LGBTQ+banner and the red umbrella- which is the international symbol for sex workers.

The symbol on our page incorporates LGBTQ+, trans, LGBTQ+ people of colour and sex workers who all still remain some of the most discriminated against people in society.

Our staff include their preferred pronouns where possibe. In addition to this our team have received relevant LGBTQ+ training directly from The LGBT Society. We are also very proud to have an inclusive and diverse workforce.

So why is this important?

LGBTQ+ people are disproportionately more likely to have a long standing mental health difficulty.

We understant that so many people from under respresented groups may have been abused, excluded or discriminated against based on solely who they are. Here at the counselling and mental health service we want under-represented groups in society to feel seen and acknowledged. We get it!

We also know there has been a steady increase in students who work in the sex work industry (which has a broad range of occupations, including online work, escort work and many others) yet the stigma still remains very high.

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Click here if you want to know more about what is available for LGBTQ+ staff

Support for Student Sex Workers is a confidential sex worker led peer support organisation, which advocates on behalf of all sex workers and anyone who identifies with the sex work community. They can offer tailored support with a wide choice of practical and mental health support. The team comprises of a mixture of people with professional mental health experience and people with lived experience.

Click here if you are involved in the sex work industry and would like to seek confidental support