Changes to mitigation process

If you are considering applying for mitigation please note the University Assessment Pledge has removed the requirement for students to provide medical evidence to support applications for mitigating circumstances relating to illness or medical reasons. This is not limited to coronavirus-related issues.

Although you will therefore generally not need a letter from us in support of your application, please do still contact us if you would like help with your mental health or psychological problem and do speak to an appropriate member of staff in your school or elsewhere in the university to ensure you are offered appropriate support.

For further details and application process etc please see Assessment Pledge FAQs, or the Student Support mitigating circumstances webpage

Automatic extension

You can choose to have an automatic extension of up to seven days, for up to two individual assignments or pieces of coursework in the remainder of this academic year. These automatic extensions are available in addition to any extensions you may be granted separately, for example via mitigating circumstances or through the Disability Advisory and Support Service (DASS). You do not need any evidence for these. If you need more than this then the mitigating circumstances policy is available as above. Please see the links for more detailed information and application process