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We are developing some online training resources to help all staff to support students, which you will be able to find on the Online Resources page. Our first resource looks at identifying and responding to students in a mental health crisis.

The Stepped Care Model helps match the support we offer at the University of Manchester to the student's need. You can access our interactive presentation on the Stepped Care Model to find out more.

One to One

We provide telephone advice and consultancy for tutors and others who would like to talk through their involvement in helping someone else. Such advice is confidential and may provide a second opinion on help or guidance being provided to a third party.

Training sessions run by the Counselling Service

There are also regular training sessions available for staff:

Life Line: Offering help to students who may be struggling with their mental health, losing hope or experiencing thoughts of suicide

The focus of the session will be on:

  • Raising basic awareness of mental health problems.
  • Recognising when someone is in a crisis.
  • Identifying and managing risks that may be associated with mental health issues.
  • Building upon confidence when speaking with someone about how they are feeling.
  • Being aware of services both within the University and outside agencies that can be accessed to provide help.

10th October, 16th November, 19th December & 16th January 2019

Supporting Students – Managing Challenging Interactions

The focus of these sessions will be to look at some of the situations you are dealing with and use those as ways in to think about how best to support students in difficulty or distress.

Additional Information:

  • Does your work include a pastoral role with students?
  • Do you deal with students when they are upset, angry or struggling to manage?
  • Are you sometimes unsure about what to say or do, or what would be helpful?
  • Would you like a chance to reflect, talk through your experiences and responses, develop new perspectives, gain support and learn from others?

11th September, 16th October, 20th November & 15th January 2019

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Identifying and Responding to Student Mental Health problems

Stepped Care Model

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