Coping in the time of COVID-19

Being on campus will be different this autumn for all of us, whether you are a student or staff member. Worry, low mood, loneliness and isolation are affecting us all and will change our experience of university life. COVID-19 is here for the foreseeable future. We all need to learn new ways of managing both our expectations and our mental health at this time. These practical tips will help you through this difficult time.

Manchester, COVID-19 and you

Whether you already live in Manchester, or you are arriving to start or continue your studies here, life will be different since COVID-19. Here is some advice to help:

These websites cover most aspects of life under COVID-19:

Finding the support you need during coronavirus (Student Space)

Self-Help Guides for Coping with COVID-19 (Coping with Coronavirus)

I'm a university student during lockdown - what next? (The Mix)

Creating a uni-life balance while taking online courses (Student Minds)

Guides to managing anxiety, social distancing and setting goals in self isolation (University College London)

Guides from the charity MIND on mental health and coronavirus

Mental health advice for lockdown (The Uni Guide, Which?)

COVID-19 Resources and Support (British Psychological Society)

Parenting under COVID-19 (Listen First)

See 'Resources in Manchester' panel on right for local help.

Advice for specific needs

Tips for international students, graduating students, students studying healthcare, dealing with xenophobia and other issues (Student Minds)

LGBTQI+ and the COVID-19 crisis (The Mix)

Coming out of lockdown

Some people feel anxious with lockdown ending or easing up after isolation, which is an understandable reaction to yet more change. The following links may be helpful:

Help! I'm worried about lockdown ending (The Mix)

Managing feelings about lockdown easing (MIND)

Keeping your distance to stay safe (American Psychological Association)

Loneliness and isolation

Many are experiencing loneliness because of reduced social contact. The following links will help you cope with these understandable but difficult feelings:

The Students' Union Buddy Scheme

The Well, St Peter's House response to COVID-19

Government advice on managing loneliness

Advice from mental health charity, MIND

Loneliness during coronavirus (Mental Health Foundation)

Learning to live well in the 'new normal'

There’s a lot we can do to stay well and thrive. Being aware of what you are feeling, developing good coping techniques and interpersonal skills will allow you to have the best experience you can in these challenging times. (See the ‘Managing Difficult Emotional States’ panel on the right.)

For advice on self-care, setting healthy boundaries with others – whether you are a student, worker, parent – or any combination of these, see:

The coronavirus helpful hub

The following websites provide advice and suggestions about awareness of and managing your mental health:

Managing university and your wellbeing during coronavirus (Student Space)

Looking after your mental health (Mental Health Foundation)

How to respond constructively (Action for Happiness)

Here you can find some articles and resources for improving your wellbeing and resilience:

Student Support (University of Manchester)

Greater Good Magazine (University of Berkely)

F.A.C.E. COVID (Advice on YouTube from Dr Russ Harris, author of The Happiness Trap)

COVID-19 and existing mental health issues

You may find that your old issues are resurfacing or that you develop new difficulties. These are understandable responses to additional stressors. Please see the links below:


Advice from the Depression Alliance


It's harder now than ever to manage anxiety about uncertainty. These links give clear, concise and practical tips to help you cope:

Seven science-based strategies to cope with coronavirus anxiety (The Conversation)

Living with worry and anxiety amidst global uncertainty (Psychology Tools)

The coronavirus helpful hub

Health anxiety

Health anxiety and coronavirus (Anxiety UK)


OCD and coronavirus survival tips (OCD UK)

How to manage anxiety and OCD during the pandemic (BBC)

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders and coronavirus (BEAT)