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The University of Manchester Counselling Service offers confidential help with any personal issues affecting work, self-esteem, relationships, sexuality, race, identity issues, mental health and general well-being. We are accessible to all University of Manchester students and all members of staff.

We offer wide range of support via our Triage Support Workers, Social Prescribers, Mental Health Practitioners and Counsellors, who are all equipped to help you identify the best course of action. Sessions typically last 45-50 minutes. We also offer a wide range of workshops including managing anxiety; exam stress; procrastination; assertiveness; confidence and self-esteem; low mood; and speaking out in groups.

The Counselling Service is part of a wider network of help and support; we can advise on where else to seek help within the University and make referrals to NHS mental health services.

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Confidentiality and information sharing

The Specialist Support Services within the University’s Division of Campus Life all contribute to the provision of support and information in relation to student wellbeing.


Shared Information

The Support Services work together, directly and indirectly to support student physical, mental and psychological health and share the common goal of promoting the wellbeing of students. In order to facilitate this we may share appropriate information relevant to a student’s wellbeing across the three services where this is in the best interests of the student. This is to enable us to coordinate care and try to ensure that students don’t miss out on support that may available to them. In circumstances where there is concern for a student or someone else’s safety or welfare it allows us to respond without delay and to work together to reduce risk.


The Support Services are confidential services and will usually only share information more widely within the University or with others outside the University with your consent. For example with your permission, DASS will share information about your disability with your School so that they can make the changes necessary to support you, and Occupational Health and Counselling may also provide information to the School or others with your consent

If we do not have your consent DASS, the Counselling Service and Occupational Health will not release information about you to third parties unless we have significant concerns about your wellbeing as detailed below:

  1. In circumstances where there is concern about your safety or welfare or we become aware of a risk to the safety or welfare of someone else we may share information with other appropriate individuals within the University e.g. School Support Office, Residential Life support, and more senior staff. This will, wherever possible, be done with your consent but in some instances where there is a significant concern we may need to share this information without prior consent. In such circumstances, this will be discussed with you first wherever possible.

  2. Where there are significant concerns for yours or someone else’s safety or welfare it may also be necessary for us to contact others such as your GP, other NHS support service or the Police. We may also need to notify your emergency contact of our concerns (see here for further information about this). This will, wherever possible, be done with your consent following a discussion with you but in some instances we may need to share this information without your consent. This will, will only be done with your best interests in mind and after consultation with and guidance from the Information Governance Office.

For further details about confidentiality in relation to the other aspects of the three Services see here:

Occupational Health


Counselling and Mental Health Service

How to find us

Use the Crawford House Central & West entrance on Booth Street East or via St. Peter's House steps in to the Crawford House at 1st floor level. The Counselling Service is located on the 5th floor.